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2003–2010 years
Implementation of integrated aero nodical ATC AS “Sintez-AP2” in the republic of Belarus

  • system provides ATC over the whole territory of the republic of Belarus
  • the complex modernization of all equipment with transfer and display of airspace of adjacent states was performed in 2010

2005–2007 years

«ATC system implementation program in the republic of Kazakhstan»

  • provision of full upper air space overlap in Kazakhstan
  • building of simulator center in Almaty on the basis of Sintez-TC complex system simulator

2007 year
Launch of automatic flight control system «AFCS-2005»

  • VNIIRA — is the only Russian Federation enterprise that performs the development of automatic flight control systems

2008 years
MSSR with ADS-B 1090 ES function and modes S «Aurora»

  • 25 radars in Russia and neighboring countries and beyond have been manufactured and installed since its start-up

Since 2009 year
VNIIRA – is the principal contractor of Federal Target Program "Modernization of Unified Air Traffic Management System of the Russian Federation (2009–2015)"

  • VNIIRA operates as a solution provider of design and survey, construction and erection works, a supplier of own design equipment for the modernization of more than 20 ATC area and terminal and air nodal points in Russia in the cities of Sochi, Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Khabarovsk, Vladivostok, Petrozavodsk, Volgograd and others;
  • VNIIRA is a chief contractor of design and outfitting works in consolidated US ATM centres of Moscow, Khabarovsk, Rostov-on-Don and Saint-Petersburg.

2009–2011 years
Launch of air surveillance aids in the republic of Cuba

  • equipment by air surveillance aids for aeronautical service in the republic of Cuba
  • monitoring over the entire territory of the republic of Cuba by locator channel as well as ADS-B 1090 ES channel

2011 year

Launch of CATCAA ATC «Sintez-Р2» and «SINTEZ-IFPS» in consolidated automatic centre of Khabarovsk US ATM system

  • Consolidated centre in Khabarovsk – is the first center from 13 centers of unified air traffic control system in Russia that takes all advantages of new generation of CATCAA ATC «Sintez-Р3» as well as planning system «Sintez-IFPS».
  • the entire coverage of air space controlled by Khabarovsk CC is 5 million square kilometers

 2011 year

Certification of single-channel all-weather small sized ADS-В 1090 ES «NS-1А» («Amber»)

2012 year

Equipment of airfield control tower in Vladivostok by CATCAA ATC «Sintez-А2» within the frame of APEC summit preparation

2012 year

Equipment of US ATM consolidated centre in Rostov by planning system «Sintez-IFPS»


Launch of multilateral surveillance system “MERA”

2012-2013 years

Completion of multi-purpose project on reconstruction and technical upgrade in the airport of Sochi by up-to-date systems and aids of ATM systems

  • Complexes of air traffic control automation aids for radiotechnical support of flights (CATCAA ATC RTSF), training complexes and electric power system in the airport of Sochi
  • Increase in 1,5 times of airfield operations up to 24 per hour

2012 year

Comprehensive outfitting of aerodrome for Talakanskoe oil and gas field in Yakutia

  • Delivery and commissioning of all ATC aids for general purpose aerodrome in adverse climatic conditions for the development of one of the major Russian fields
  • New runway makes it possible to accommodate large aircrafts

2012-2013 years

Launch of consolidated Moscow ATC center

VNIIRA – is the chief contractor of CATCAA ATC and integrated initial flight plan processing system (IFPS) for Moscow automatic ATC centre.

  • CATCAA ATC «Sintez-AP4» for Moscow hub is referred to fourth, uppermost automation level and can solve more than 30 tasks simultaneously providing:
    • to increase air traffic safety level twice;
    • to decrease load on controller in 2-3 times;
    • to increase acceptance rate and increase passenger channel in more than 1,5 times;
    • to decrease noxious emissions to the atmosphere.