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02.04.13 - «Aurora-2» by VNIIRA is now certified by IAC

Commission for certification of aerodromes and equipment of the Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) issued Type Certificate № 580 on monopulse secondary radar of modes A / C / S / ATC with ADS-B 1090 ES function «Aurora-2».

For the first time in its practice IAC issued the certificate stating that the equipment fully complied with international requirements for secondary radars set in Annex 10 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), Volume IV.

MSSR «Aurora-2» - a new generation of surveillance, developed VNIIRA. Use of the latest achievements in electronic components, technology, design and manufacturing made it possible to create multi - moded digital surveillance station for air traffic control, which provides all the existing types of surveillance and data link «board-earth».

The use of all modes of observation in MSSR «Aurora 2» allows to receive all the necessary information from the aircraft and significantly increase its credibility, which is important to ensure the safety of air traffic.


VNIIRA is far more than:

|70 years of the successful performance for the benefit of air safety;
| 150 prototypes of radio-technical systems and the complex of ground and airborne facilities radio instruments;
| 1 300 inventors’ certificates and patents;
| 60 complexes of ATC automation systems and facilities for airports and regional centers of Russia and other countries;
| 100 types of aircrafts and helicopters employ the airborne equipment, navigation and landing facilities developed by VNIIRA