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  APRIL 2013г.  


ТЕЛЕКАНАЛ «Россия 24» - Олимпийское небо: в Адлере вводится новая система авианавигации

  DECEMBER 2012  


TV-CHANNEL VESTI-MOSCOW// «To plant planes in the modern way»

5 CHANNEL// «New mission control centre in Moscow Vnukovo will start working by the end of 2014 year»

TV CHANNEL MOSCOW 24// «New automatic mission control centre started working in test mode»

TV CHANNEL «ZVEZDA» «The new centre of civil aviation movement control will be launched in Vnukovo»


Journal «Aero navigation» №6(27), December 2012 Технологии нового поколения, pages 20-25


  SEPTEMBER 2012  


Journal «Aero navigation» №4(25), September 2012 АО «ВНИИРА» впервые представило свои новейшие разработки на КС «Евразия», стр. 29

  AUGUST 2012  


«Arguments and facts Society» «A normal flight», page 5


  JULY 2012  



Journal «Aero navigation» №3(24), July 2012// «Reloading» VNIIRA: face-off market Interview with Vladimir Ivanov. Pages 34-39

«VNIIRA — new horizons» , pages 40-41

  MAY 2012  

Journal «Connection/communication in RF Combined forces», May 2012

  APRIL 2012  

TV channel TVC//»The automated air traffic control system (ATC AS) «Sintez-А2» in Vladivostok»



  FEBRUARY 2012  

Journal «Vestnik aviacii i kosmonavtiki» №2 2012//
«VNIIRA is awarded by honorary diploma for achievements in air traffic organization and implementation of advanced technologies»

  DECEMBER 2011  


Journal «Vestnik aviacii i kosmonavtiki» // «Consolidated automatic center in Khabarovsk», pages 44-45

  NOVEMBER 2011  

November 2011 – opening of consolidated center in Khabarovsk


November 2011 – opening of consolidated center in Khabarovsk

Journal «Aeronavigation» № 5 (20), November 2011// «VNIIRA: once again about consolidated center in Khabarovsk», стр. 34-39

Newspaper «Petersburg dnevnik» №44(359) 17 November 2011//«Innovators put stake at young people», page 20.


  OCTOBER 2011 г.  

TV channel «Vesti-Khabarovsk». «Safety aloft»

Rossiyaskaya gazeta №231(5607) от 14.10.2011//Marriage in the sky

Journal «Aero navigation» № 4 (19), October 2011//»Sky under the care. The newest air traffic management system commissioning in Khabarovsk», pages 10-19

  SEPTEMBER 2011  

Channel one «ATC AS «Sintez» in Khabarovsk CC


TV channel «Vesti24» «ATC AS «Sintez» in Khabarovsk CC»

Journal «Aviatransportnoe obozrenie» № 122, September 2011//New scope. Consolidated centre of ATM is commissioned in Khabarovsk

  NOVEMBER 2010  

Building of ATC AS «Sintez» in Khabarovsk ACC


VNIIRA is far more than:

|65 years of the successful performance for the benefit of air safety;
| 150 prototypes of radio-technical systems and the complex of ground and airborne facilities radio instruments;
| 1 300 inventors’ certificates and patents;
| 60 complexes of ATC automation systems and facilities for airports and regional centers of Russia and other countries;
| 100 types of aircrafts and helicopters employ the airborne equipment, navigation and landing facilities developed by VNIIRA